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Happy FansBig Chuck and Lil' John are a dynamic duo that host late night movies on television every Saturday night at 12:00 a.m. in Cleveland, OH (FOX 8 WJW)

This show has been on televison for more than 30 years, previous to Big Chuck and Lil' John, the show was called Hoolihan and Big Chuck and before that, Ghoulardi was the King of the airwaves in the area. (Of course, Big Chuck was on the show with Ghoulardi too) That's over 39+ plus years of television!

Typical types of movies shown on the Big Chuck and Lil' John show are: Horror, Thriller/Suspense, Action and Comedies. As a local tradition, all movies are viewed by a live audience. The audience is served popcorn and during the movie trivia contests are held and the audience is encouraged to guess the answer. The winner receives a prize, which is usually a book or tickets to an event. (but you never know what you'll win!) One of the main attractions of the show are the Skits. These skits were made by Big Chuck, Hoolihan and Lil' John over the last 35+ years. They are truly one of a kind and are some of the funniest skits you will ever see in your entire life.

Their style, humor and personalities are widely recognized by many people in the Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan areas. In the Cleveland, Ohio area they are local celebrities.

They are definitely legends of local television!

To read more about these two great people, visit their profiles on this website and check out our message forums, which are the main source of information on this site. We have a variety of people who love to discuss Big Chuck and Lil' John. And not only that, we have a couple of celebrities that visit the forums as well. You never know who will stop by in our forums.

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